Charges Predicated on Individual Applicant:

Applicant:             +13%                Total:

$600.00                   $78.00              $678.00
(Effective August 16th, 2022)
At Time of Start of Process
Payable to:  Costa Rica Immigration & Moving Experts:
Page 1
Additional Costs with Explanation:              Cost:             +13% IVA           SubTotal:           Total:

 1. Limited Power of Attorney:

 2. Notarization of Passport:

 3. Notarization & Lawyer's Digital 
     Signature of Your Passport's Photo:

 4. Notarized Proof of Informed Consent:

 5. Notarization of 
    'Letter of Acknowledgement':

 6. Document Processing Fee:

 7. Translation of Documents for
      Applicant (*Estimate):

 8.  Application Fee:

 9.  Immigration Maintenance Fee:

10.  Request to Stay in Country:

11. TOTAL:

$165.00                 $21.45                 $186.45            $186.45
$40.00                   $5.20                   $45.20            $231.65
$40.00                   $5.20                   $45.20            $276.85
$500.00                 $65.00                $565.00            $932.25
12. Security Deposit (Estimated)

13. TOTAL:
Cost:             +13% IVA           SubTotal:          Total:
Final Cost:
Total for Individual Applicant:  $678.00
Section 1
Section 2
Section 3
The following is an accurate estimate of the costs the client can 
anticipate to facilitate their request for Digital Nomad designation. 

These funds must be available at the start of the process, 
which is the signing of the Limited Power of Attorney.

We will assist the client in every possible manner, including accompanying 
the client when making payments, but legally 
we cannot take physical possession of these funds.
$40.00                   $5.20                   $45.20            $322.05
$200.00                 $26.00                $226.00         $1,158.25
The following fees represent the final cost in the application process. 
We bring the client to Immigration with their proof of payment to finalize the transaction.

Regarding Medical Costs: 

You are required to have coverage of $50,000 per individual.  
This can be a local or international health insurance policy.


   $100.00                     N/A                  $100.00        $1,258.25    
$300.00                  N / A                 $300.00             $300.00
For those Digital Nomad Clients who wish to eventually apply for Pensionado, Rentista or Resident Investor Status, all Section 1 charges will be credited towards your future application.
$40.00                   $5.20                   $45.20            $367.25
   $12.00                     N/A                    $12.00        $1,270.25    
*Regarding #7 above: Final fee is predicated upon the number of words in the document(s).
Digital Nomad
   $90.00                     N/A                    $90.00        $1,360.25    
Costa Rica Immigration and Moving Experts will be pleased to provide our fees to any applicant upon request. Our fees are based upon country of origin and on the number of members on the application.

Section 2 & 3 found below reflect the total cost that the applicant can anticipate. We will gladly arrange for payment of these costs on your behalf and wll create the "official letter of request" for extension of Visa upon receipt of these funds.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific needs and arrange for the successful completion of the extension of Visa process.