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Step 1:

a.  Is it a popular brand or model here in Costa Rica? Are parts readily available?

b.  Is the vehicle considered acceptable to Customs? No right-hand-drive cars permitted. No cars permitted that have registration designated “salvage” at any point in their history. At this time, there is no age of the vehicle restriction. This will possibly change and vehicles 10 years and older will not be permitted in the very near future.

Step 2:  

Ascertain what your actual duty costs would be by obtaining an estimate of amount of duty payable. 

The information needed for your estimate is as follows:

1. Make, model and color(s) of vehicle.
2. Any letters that are on the back of the car, such as "LX" or "EX".
3. Year vehicle was built.
4. Automatic or standard transmission.
5. 4x4 or 2x4 wheel drive.
6. Number of cylinders.
7. Gas, diesel or hybrid.
8. 2-door or 4-door.
9. The VIN number (normally found on dashboard & readable through windshield).

For pickup truck, same as above, plus:

10. Double, extended or simple cab.
11. Number of cc's (very important).
12. Your postal code (to ascertain point of pickup).

Step 3:

13. Your preferred method of shipping: 

  a. Vehicle is combined with your household items, such as furniture, appliances etc., and loaded at  
  the time of household items being loaded.
  b. Vehicle delivered to port of exit and consolidated with other freight 
  in what is called a "consolidated shipment".  
  c. Vehicle shipped under deck. 
  d. Vehicle shipped via "R/O, R/O", which simply means, "vehicle is rolled on to the deck at port of exit 
  and rolled off at port of entry here in Costa Rica".

Upon arrival, we arrange to have your vehicle made "road legal". That is. . duty paid, compulsory inspection, registered here in Costa Rica, licensed here in Costa Rica, Marchamo (annual road tax) paid, insurance paid if desired. Delivered to ultimate destination.
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