residency in costa rica
residency in costa rica

About Us
Our company was originally created to assist those individuals & families 
who wanted to move to & possibly work here in Costa Rica.

It quickly became apparent to us that there was a far greater need than just 
obtaining a legal status, securing proper 
schooling for the children and/or acquiring gainful employment.

Quickly, there were numerous questions, comments & concerns 
by our first clients regarding what specific services were available.  
They asked if we could recommend individuals, 
companies & services who would assist 
themselves & their families with 
all of their needs.  

Many of our clients simply needed assistance 
but didn't know who to ask or trust.

The principals & employees here have over 50 years combined experience 
in providing these types of services to an ever-increasing 
number of clients & friends.

In addition to the principals of the company and its dedicated staff, 
we have contracted with outstanding firms & individuals to 
provide all of our clients with superior service 
in all areas of need.  
With this policy of contracting with the best services available, 
coupled with our “in house” expertise, we have 
been able to keep our staff turnover low, 
costs very attractive and client satisfaction very high.

This has proven to be a winning combination which has benefitted all involved.

We are a full-service company.  
We are in the business of assisting the individual and family with all of the 
different aspects of their move to Costa Rica.

We are experts at arranging for the shipment of household effects, automobiles, etc.
 In addition, we make suggestions regarding shipping of incidentals, such as artwork, hard assets, etc.

We have qualified people who specialize in all aspects of your move and we'll always be a source 
of up-to-date information on all current requirements.  
Requirements and conditions do change frequently and we
 will always incorporate those changes in our advice to you, our client.

Client satisfaction is important to us as client referral is the mainstay of our business.  
It is in our vested interest that your specifics are dealt with 
in a professional, expedient and cost-effective manner. 

Ask your questions and we will gladly provide our response.  
When a decision has been made as to what services you require, 
we will create and provide you with a personalized quote.  
At a later stage of the process, we can provide a very accurate 
estimation for moving expenses based on 
weight, distance & contents.

Our policy is to make all commitments in writing to clients.  
This is for mutual benefit and has proven to be a valued policy.

We will ensure that all documents to be submitted to Immigration 
meet the current standards and requirements of Immigration to 
facilitate a successful conclusion of the application.

We will ensure that if any documents do not meet with 
Immigration’s request, we will work with the client 
to remedy that situation.

We will ensure that prices quoted for out-of-house services will be firm 
or clearly marked to indicate otherwise

In the event that the paperwork provided to us by the client contains factual errors or 
omissions which cause the status to be delayed, we are not considered 
liable for expenses experienced by client.

Our legal advisors, employees & contractors act on the behalf of the client to ensure 
that the status is received in a timely manner.

All parties acknowledge that the actual act of issuing the legal status 
remains in the hands of the Costa Rica Department of Immigration.

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David Madrigal:

Client Liason / 18 years experience in C.R. Residency!

Hometown: Escazu, San Jose Costa Rica
David has lived in Costa Rica for 38 years 
and is fluent in both Spanish & English.

Special studies in Hotel Management, 
Tourism & Website Creation & Optimization.

Immigration, Residency & Relocation Expert
& Trusted Consultant.

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