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What Should I Bring to Costa Rica?

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We will always be available to assist you with the decision of what to bring with you or what to ship to your new home. There are general observations that can be made which would include the following:

Cost of Arranging for a Container:

It is a simple matter for us to provide you with an accurate cost of either a 20 ft. or 40 ft. container. All we need to know is your postal zip code to obtain an accurate quote from our often-used shipping lines. We provide a price that includes all costs from your current doorstep to the custom sheds here in Costa Rica and then the cost of local shipping to your new address here in Costa Rica.

General Rule of Thumb:

Major appliances are expensive here in Costa Rica and sadly, the quality just does not seem to meet the same standards one is used to in their home country. If your move is taking place in a number of months, one might consider purchasing new appliances now and using them until the departure date. They would be classified as "used" in that case.

Smaller appliances and items such as handheld blenders, toasters, slow cookers, etc.,  are very expensive here. There is less duty payable on these items when brought in as "used".

Electronics are also very expensive here in Costa Rica. Upgrade before you pack. Bring small electronics and of course your laptops with you in carryon luggage. Buy new, use and ship.

Furniture: There is a wide variety of furniture available here. From hand made to imported.   Prices from cheap to very expensive. General rule is that If the furniture is older but in good condition, there is a very good chance that it is better made than what you will replace it with here.  
Again, this is a general rule.

Clothing is the one thing that you really can be aggressive with. You just don’t need clothing 
for all 4 seasons, thus your wardrobe can reflect that fact. 

Those items which have a great intrinsic value.  Perhaps this is the most difficult decision 
of all to make.

Bring it, sell it or give it away? What value can be placed on a grandfather clock that stood in the hallway of the home of your youth? What value can be placed on the dining room table with its 8 chairs that was first purchased by your newly-wed parents as their first major purchase upon getting married and starting a family. The things that make a "house" a "home". . 

We do not promote one decision over the other. Truly subjective, but the oft-repeated phrase we hear again and again. . "Oh, I wish I had brought that".

Now it's Decision Time.  Contact us to talk your way through the decision-making process.
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