Moving to Costa Rica?  Residency in Costa Rica?

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Timeline for Individuals / Families
Considering Making the Move to Costa Rica 
Sometime in the Future​
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We are a Full-service Immigration & Relocation Agency

*We've assisted hundreds of individuals & families in                acquiring their legal status here in Costa Rica.

*We always provide you with up-to-date information 
  and competitive pricing.  BE SURE TO COMPARE OUR          FEE STRUCTURE WITH OUR COMPETITORS. .

*We respond to and will immediately address all of your          questions & concerns regarding the residency process.

*Other specific related services available as well.
You've finally decided to make your move. You did your research and find that Costa Rica  
wins FIRST PRIZE as your chosen future home.  It doesn’t matter if you're leaving 
a hostile environment, such as weather, financial or even political. .
You simply want to reset.

You see yourself enjoying a totally different lifestyle in a new environment 
with fresh experiences and new friends in your future. . and old friends & family 
following the trail that YOU have blazed!

We facilitate most every aspect of your immigration process. 
However, we are not involved in real estate or in the moving process. We leave that to the experts. .
 and many of those experts call on our team to assist THEIR clients in their legal status acquisition.

Contact us to ARRANGE a FREE CALL to discuss your questions, what your objectives are, 
when you are considering “making the move” & what suggestions we may have. 

Take a Quick Glance of the 
Costa Rica Immigration Process. . .
Apostille Services for your Documents
All 50 States & Federal Agencies
Complete, Professional, Priced Competitively

A Short Note Regarding Customer Service. .
​(our pledge to you)

From the moment of your initial contact requesting information on the many steps involved in acquiring 
Residency/Legal Status in Costa Rica, 
we are laser focused in providing immediate answers 
to all of your questions and addressing 
every concern you may have.

When finally contracting with us to assist in these matters, you will find that we will always be only a phone call 
or email away.  We stand totally by your side,
assuring a very smooth transition into 
your new "PURA VIDA" lifestyle.

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We Save You Lots of Time & Effort

We Collect, Apostille & Process 
All of Your Paperwork.  

This is a Highly-requested Added Service Offered to
Make Your Legal-status Process Easier!
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*Revised Threshold Status 
for Resident Investor:
US$150,000 (lowered from $200,000)

Kevin McNamee

*Duty-free importation of
  personal items / cars

*Reduced transfer taxes
  for real estate purchase

*Many more benefits
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